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Seed of Hope Yoga offers supportive yoga workshops for chronic pain to restore health of body and peace of mind. We are focussed on providing trauma and pain sensitive remedial yoga practices and psycho education in the form of group workshops to help those living with chronic pain.

“At no time are we ever broken, we are just under construction”
Samantha Parker


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Chronic pain workshops are all trauma and pain sensitive in that they are designed to support people with chronic conditions physically as well as emotionally.

Workshops generally focus on psycho education regarding chronic pain as well as a yoga practice on the day, take home yoga sequence and time for personal reflection and discussion.

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Yoga for Pain Management

The evidence regarding the role of the nervous system in the generation of pain is ever increasing as well as the variety of interventions [...]

Disembodiment and Chronic Pain

Interoception is the ability to tune into what is happening in the body from the inside where we direct our attention inwards. It is [...]

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