I’ll just do one more sun salutation….

Ever had a pain free day and gone a little harder on the mat (BOOM) or cleaned out that long forgotten cupboard only to be wrecked the next day (BUST) ?

Over time the BOOM & BUST CYCLE results in shorter booms and longer busts which is referred to as the EXHAUSTION FUNNEL

If you continue with this cycle, it results in a narrowing of your overall functioning. The top of the funnel represents doing things that nourish and enrich your life like restorative yoga. The bottom of the funnel is when you end up doing less and less self care and there is a narrowing of your life activities and end up with worsening chronic pain.

Take some time to reflect on how you might be pushing yourself too hard on the yoga mat, remembering the Yama of Ahimsa – Non Violence towards the self….