Interoception is the ability to tune into what is happening in the body from the inside where we direct our attention inwards. It is sort of a like a mindfulness expressed in the body where we let go of all expectations and just notice what is happening inside of us. Pretty hard for people with chronic pain right ? Interoception can be really difficult for those living with chronic pain, however, it is crucial to working through chronic pain.

Many conditions are diseases of disembodiment where our awareness becomes skewed. In chronic pain conditions we tend to predict what we will encounter as we all have habits of the mind and body and why would you do something if it hurt you last time ?  We focus attention to that area as a protective mechanism and our brain starts to become wired for chronic pain

The article details the concept of interoception as well as a variety of other fascinating types of attention we can pay to the body such as proprioception and exteroception. Read on to explore and understand what embodiment really means